Thursday, July 31, 2014

sports week!

Last week we had tickets to two sporting events, the first on Wednesday was a Mariners vs Mets game on a rainy day. I didn't think i'd be able to sketch because it was so wet, but our seats were dry.

the second game of the week with free tix, was to a Seattle Storms game at Key Arena and in my typical post apocalyptic scenery, sketchy people are attending a basketball game with no players...

Friday, July 18, 2014

7.11-7.12.14_a weekend's worth of drawings

Last weekend I attended the 2nd Annual West Coast Urban Sketchers Sketchcrawl in Portland,OR which coincided with the 44th Worldwide Sketchcrawl Day. I was super lucky because I got to stay at a really cool house in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Portland, so arty! My hosts grilled seafood on their deck Thursday night, we talked art and camping and food, so delightful! Friday morning, on a tip, I walked over to the Bagdad Theatre for a sketch.

It was pretty hot and sunny out so I visited the food trucks for lunch then headed over to Deschutes Brewery for some air conditioning and a cold beer before my meet&greet with the sketcher group.

The meet&greet was at McMenamin's Ringler's Pub. I heard someone say there were 85 of us at one point, we were doing 5 minute portraits and then moving round for new victims...the waitstaff , i'm sure, was a little perturbed by our activity!

Saturday morning I began by doing a sketch behind barriers that were being erected for some event later in the day, it kind of set the tone for me the rest of the day in that I tried to keep it loose and not get caught up with my colors. This is The Southpark Seafood Restaurant at the corner of SW Salmon&SW Park. It has this gigantic metal fish bricked into the corner of the building above their awning.

I walked thru the Farmers Market, it was huge and very busy with people, produce, meat, food carts and music! This guy had a very unique instrument called a Kora _West African Harp, his name was Will and he really liked this little quick sketch. 

I really do love the buildings! I left my chair out of this excursion on purpose because I was certain I could find a bench somewhere to sit on in this area......I ended up using a city map of Portland that I had purchased the day before, to sit in the wet grass and make this sketch of a church. Thanks to awesome Portlander's it was really the only time that map came in handy!

next a view from the parkside corner of Antoinette-Hatfield Hall, the lines were calling me

I finished my sketching day sitting on the porch in Sunnyside, sketching and waiting for the night to cool off.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

camping trip

Made our first camping trip of the year to the North Cascades, camped on Baker Lake. The weather was awesome and it was peaceful most of the weekend!

On our way home I requested a stop at Silo Park in Concrete, WA. I've been wanting to draw these since the first time I saw them.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


sketching within a couple of blocks from home on a super bright Sunday. I am always in awe of this corner with the huge radio towers, I didn't even come close to getting all the lines in this view. 

just around the corner this giant odd shaped place of worship hides in the trees, the front of building will be mostly in hiding after spring has sprung. I went around to the back of the building at 15th & Pike to get an unobstructed view, looks like a stunted silo.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wintergrass '14

I have attended Wintergrass Bluegrass Festival for a few years now, always with a ticket and always with a camera. The Friday Urban Sketcher group met on Feb.28 for a sketch at the Hyatt in Bellevue,WA where the Wintergrass International Music Festival was getting cranked up. I'm not sure when the word International replaced Bluegrass, I don't like it. We did not purchase tickets because I knew from past experience that folks would be playing together in the hotel lobby all morning. Drawing bluegrass musicians while they play is difficult, hard not to tap your feet!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Drove out to Ocean Shores, WA on Sunday for a couple days, winter on the coast is nice if your not going for the crowds or the sunshine. I don't know how little places like Sharky's stay open all year, this town was pretty quiet. I sat in the car and drew this through a light morning rain. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

last week...

we lost our old buddy Snoopy to whatever cat ailment makes a guycat stop eating..and I just remembered that I drew him once. I took solace in drawing this past week with a model in a large group and on my own in urban settings with smaller groups. 

I had to drop the car off for an oil change on Thursday, and I found myself at Cherry St Coffee looking at old and new buildings

on Friday I met some Urban Sketchers at St. Marks on capitol hill, I always thought that the round thing was stained glass but it's really mirrors and hand hurt later from drawing the lines...